Eight years ago, Ford manufactured the last Ranger in the U.S. But, the increasing demand for trucks in the U.S. has Ford ready to reclaim back its big name. In 2019, Ford launches more capable, more refined, and better Ranger for its class. Ford Ranger is in the class of mid-size truck with loads of the newest features.
The Ford Ranger offers great performance with a comfortable cabin. It also has the best hauling specifications of other gas-powered mid-size truck. Even though the Ranger is not a cheap truck it once was, but it was definitely worth every penny.

The Good About the 2019 Ranger

The Ford Ranger has several of the mid-size struck such as Ranger Raptor, Ranger Lariat Supercab and soon. Each truck has different features but they are the best vehicle from Ford. Ford’s Ranger is a four-wheel drive and a top-trim truck with an extended cab. If you take the Ranger for work, the top-trim truck will work great for carrying things. It can load up to 758kg of goods and able to tow largest 2,500kg of loads. The towing ability is much bigger than other mid-size trucks on its class.

2019 Ford Ranger Performance

Other features of Ford Ranger are the adaptive cruise control, premium audio system, lane-keeping help, and a 6-foot bed. They design the Ranger to carry heavy loads, but the vehicle power is not something to look down at. Ford Ranger has the power for a long trip. You can expect the vehicle to stay comfortable and the engine to quiet for the long trip.

The Ford Ranger uses 2.3 liters turbocharger with a four-cylinder engine produces 310 pound-feet of torque and 270 horsepower. This makes passing other cars on the highway is such as short work. Plus, they match the Ranger engine to the 10-speed gearbox of Ford which makes the vehicle work less hard during high-speed driving. In the city, they rate the Ranger for 24 on the highway and 20 in the city. This proves that Ford Ranger is the best mid-size truck compared other gas-powered rival.
For in town use, the Ford Ranger is even easier to use. The car does not lean into curves which makes it delicately size than the common trucks. The essential controls in this vehicle use hard buttons for ease of use. They also equip Ranger with Ford Sync 3 of infotainment system for everyday use.

How the New Ranger Looks

Ford Ranger for the tough ride offers comfort with its body-on-frame pickup. Thus, the Ford Ranger only has a little jiggling impact over big bumps. As we move into the interior space, Ford Ranger uses only high quality with the best usability of elements. There are enough legroom and headroom for both seat sections. The vehicle only uses high-quality interior material such as padded leather with contrasting colors of stitching. The supporting buttons and assisting screen is quite user-friendly with standard touchscreen and also equipped with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and additional USG ports.

Driving the Ford Ranger

The first time riding the all-new Ranger is you will notice the quiet noise along the road, neither from the wind nor from the tires. All elements screwed together well, so there are no rattles or squeaks coming from the vehicles.

Another fun feature of Ford Ranger is the Trail Control System. In simple, it works like cruise control for the off-road trip which includes downhill and uphill tracks. Set the vehicle to whatever speed you like and what you need to do is keep steering.

The Terrain Management System provides four driving modes according to various terrains which are normal, snow/mud, gravel, and ruts/sand. You can also add locking rear differential which they install with or without 4WD. If you installed without a 4WD, you can also install the FX4 Off-road package. The Terrain Management System allows you to use the vehicle in any-types of terrain.

Final Verdict

The New Ford Ranger has impressive capabilities whether it is for towing, hauling, and even off-roading. Even for everyday use, the new Ford Ranger can be a good city car for work commuting. They can match the power of Ranger to the full-size truck as it can carry almost 758kg of loads and 2,500 towing. The vehicle can get the job done on a weekday and take you on a road trip on the weekend. Different from the full-size truck, Ranger is more manageable and providing more seats for passengers. The vehicle is bigger, wider, more capable, and more powerful than the average mid-size trucks.

With all the features and power, it is worth every penny. Plus, the new Ranger also receives two years of unlimited speed warranty from Ford. With all the new changes on the vehicle, the new Ford Ranger is not the old Ford you remember a while ago.