Ford Ranger is not the only most popular mid-size pickup because of its performance, but also famous because everybody loves the design. Ford has been releasing the new Ford Ranger series since January this year. Somehow, all the units have sold out. The current Ford Ranger comes with chrome appearance package which looks sporty and masculine. But, it does not stop there, because Ford is about to release the new ranger with STX appearance package which has a better design and visual. They call it as All Black Ranger. How does this new Black Ford Ranger will look like and how is the performance?

All Black Ranger Design

According to the name implies, the Black Ford Ranger will use black parts on its exterior body and elements. In a glimpse, it may look like the current gray Ranger, but different. There are a few parts which use black accents such as a lower balance, black grille, black mirrors, sill plate, black running board, and black fender vents. But, one part you may look different at is the 18 inches wheel which looks so glossy along with black center caps. Not only that, but you can see the bed which uses black accent with spray in bed liner. You may check the bash plate up front it for FX4 off-road ranger which is black.

The Ford Rangers fans may get this black package with color painting. But, it’s expensive to afford. If you want to get this black package, you may need to pay it for $1995. You may compare it with other packages that are cheaper than the black one. For instance, you can get the Sport package for only $890 or you can get the gray package for only about $795. In any case, the black package includes the spray in bed liner while the regular package does not have this feature.

If you see it further inside the cabin, then you notice that this new black Ford Ranger offers more comfort and convenience. One of the most futuristic features is the rear view camera they integrate which with the dashboard touch screen display. In addition, it comes with complete sensors for safety. If you do not want to get lost, you can use navigator based on the GPS system. In addition, you can set the ideal temperature according to your wishes so you will feel comfortable when driving in any conditions. The coolest feature you may not get from other cars is the automatic wipers which will work when the rain comes. Whenever the front glass gets wet, the wipers will turn on automatically.

Black Ford Ranger Release and Features

When will you get this black Ford Ranger? Well, this car is not available yet, but Ford confirms that they will release it soon in this summer. This Black package will bring more innovative design in all the corners despite it may still use the same engine. Though it has a better design and has more additional features, it still has a similar performance to the current chrome appearance package. The Black Ford Ranger is suitable for off-road and on the road with the more sophisticated technology. One of the most wanted technology features is the auto start-stop or idling stop feature which allows you to stop the car automatically when you are stopping on a traffic light. Somehow, there are some hidden features, but you only will get this feature information after the release date. So, you must wait for the release date until this summer.

The Price and Performance of Black Ford Ranger

Well, when you ask about the price, you may still want to wait for it; because the All Black Edition of Ford Ranger is not out yet. Though price also becomes the most important part to know before buying a new Ford car, at least you know the features that this new Ford Ranger will bring. As you know this All Black Edition will become more powerful, but it has a more efficient engine. Anyway, this car comes with the 2.2L TDCi Duratorq diesel engine which provides more dependability, strength, and performance. It is not only diesel efficient, but it also produces low emission. Meanwhile, for the transmission, you will get two options whether you prefer the 6-speed manual and automatic transmission with 160 PS, or choose the manual transmission with 130PS. If you want more power, then you can choose the bigger engine with 3.2L TDCi Duratorq diesel engine which offers 470Nm of torque with 200PS.