At Colley Ford, we take being a part of the community seriously. This manifests itself in several different ways from the service we provide you when you come in to purchase a new vehicle, the care we provide your vehicle with when you come in for service and the ways we give back to our community. Our General Sales Manager, Cory Davis, in particular has a special passion for those who have been afflicted with the disease of cancer having known people personally who have suffered from it. Empowered by his position at Colley Ford to make a difference, he started the City of Hope campaign in 2018. For every car sold, Colley Ford donates $50 to the City of Hope fund. In 2018, the dealership was able to raise over $10,000 and hopes to accomplish the same in 2019 if not more!

Hope for Those Suffering

Cancer is a deadly and devastating disease. In the year of 2018, there were an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer making it a disease that is likely to affect everyone through personal experience in some way or another. While there are many places that treat this disease, City of Hope stands out as one of the most scientifically advanced treatment centers for those with cancer.

City of Hope History

City of Hope was founded in the early 1900’s to address the incredible suffering of many from tuberculosis. The Jewish Consumptive Relief Association hosted many fundraisers and eventually were able to purchase land in Duarte where they established sanatoriums for those suffering from tuberculosis. When treatment for tuberculosis was well in hand, City of Hope moved on to focus on cancer. Through time, the research conducted at City of Hope has made a positive and lasting impact on medical research. Some of the innovations that City of Hope is responsible for include the human growth hormone and several cancer fighting drugs.

In addition to the fight against cancer, City of Hope is also heavily involved in the fight against diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases. It’s also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. This network is a nonprofit alliance of over 21 different cancer centers. City of Hope’s main campus has many patient treatment facilities as well as community practice clinics located throughout Southern California.

City of Hope has over 200 physicians and scientists working to improve the lives of their patients. The combined values of compassion, service with a sense of urgency, integrity, intellectual curiosity, excellence, and collaboration drive the hospital everyday. When it comes to caring for patients, City of Hope is concerned with not only their physical well-being but also their emotional health. The wellness of the whole patient matters.

City of Hope’s Values

Committed to diversity and inclusion, City of Hope believes that it is the common goal of treating patients and bringing them healing that unites. Employees at City of Hope are encouraged to grow and challenged to share their thought processes so that a stronger whole can be created. It is through our differences that we learn, and that’s just one reason that City of Hope is so committed to diversity. A diverse staff also ensures a better understanding of the needs of patients, since City of Hope’s patients are also diverse.

Three major areas of research are conducted at City of Hope. The first is the basic laboratory research. This is where the underlying issues of cancer are studied. The second area involves Developmental Cancer Therapeutics, Cancer Immunotherapeutics, and Hematologic Malignancies. In short, this is where you see the laboratory research as patient treatment. The third area of research for City of Hope covers more disciplines and focuses on issues like health related outcomes and life after cancer as well as educational initiatives. Despite being in separate areas, it should be understood that all research at City of Hope flows into each other.

City of Hope believes in the importance of research to discover new treatments and new drugs that will improve the lives of patients. Thus, it’s important to support the doctors and researchers and give them everything they need to make a practical reality in the lives of those suffering from disease.

It’s important to us at Colley Ford to make sure that the money we donate goes to a worthy cause. While we receive many requests for donations, we feel that our campaign to raise money for City of Hope stands out from many of the other requests that we received. We hope you will join with us to make a difference through the purchase of your new vehicle at Colley Ford! Follow the progress of the campaign on social media and be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors about this opportunity to make a difference.