The novel coronavirus has evolved into a global pandemic that is affecting nearly every aspect of daily life around the world. Everything from bars and restaurants to office buildings and schools to hair and nail salons are closed as social distancing guidelines and mandated stay-at-home orders are issued worldwide. In most places, only essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, and food banks remain open for business as usual to meet the essential needs of their surrounding communities. Colley Ford now offers assistance during COVID-19.

COVID-19 itself is scary, but so are the changes in daily life that have been caused by the necessary prevention measures that have been taken to slow the spread of the virus to avoid overwhelming healthcare systems’ critical care capacities. 

Millions of people are struggling financially as fears regarding the rapid spread of COVID-19 force thousands of small and large businesses alike to shut their doors and lay off their employees temporarily but indefinitely with no clear reopen date in sight in the near future. Unemployment rates have soared over the past several weeks and continue to increase as many companies begin to run out of resources to fund temporary paid time off during closures for their employees. 

If you’re feeling uneasy about how to continue with your daily life while maintaining some sense of normalcy as this pandemic marches onward, you are nowhere near alone. Worldwide, billions of people feel the same way you do. 

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to become more severe and detrimental consequences on individuals’ and families’ finances continue to increase, Ford Motor Company is dedicated to supporting Ford drivers through this global crisis. 

Since its initial founding more than a century ago in 1903, Ford has been committed to taking care of their customers. Usually, that means offering a wide range of top-quality vehicles with flexible financing options and providing above-and-beyond customer service and support to all valued Ford customers. 

However, Ford is steadfast in their belief that part of honoring their longstanding commitment to their customers involves providing continued support to Ford customers in this time of unprecedented crisis and need. 

How Ford is Helping Customers During COVID-19 

Ford has committed to doing whatever they can to help their valued customers as the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide.

Ford Motor Co

Ford Motor Co

So how exactly does Ford plan to provide continued support to Ford drivers as COVID-19 plays out across the globe? 

Support of Non-Profit Organizations 

Non-profit organizations have been playing a crucial role in supporting individuals and families through the coronavirus pandemic by helping connect them with the resources they need to meet their basic needs. 

Ford Motor Co. recognizes the crucial role non-profit organizations play in society now and always and is doing their part to support non-profit organizations during this time of crisis. Ford Motor Company Fund is Ford’s philanthropic arm that is dedicated to supporting initiatives and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to advancing education, community life, and safe driving. 

Ford is currently allocating more than $500,000 to support non-profit organizations throughout southeast Michigan, where Ford Motor Company was founded and where it is still based today. More specifically, Ford Motor Company Fund is providing financial support for the delivery of food to seniors and schoolchildren in need. Two Ford Resource and Engagement Centers in Detroit have also been recently converted to drive-up food pantry distribution centers. 

Flexible Financing 

Ford Motor Company understands that this is not only a time of fear and struggle, but also a time of confusion and uncertainty. No one was adequately prepared to endure a global pandemic, and yet everyone worldwide has been forced to adapt to face the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the challenges it has brought with it. 

ford credit

ford credit

Ford has launched a new program called “Built to Lend a Hand”, which offers up to six months of payment relief for Ford customers who choose to finance their new-car purchase through Ford Credit during this time. As part of this program, Ford finances Ford Credit customers’ car payments for three months and allows these customers to defer their payments for an additional three months if needed. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges and consequences it has brought to individuals and families worldwide are not clear-cut in any way. As such, Ford understands the need for flexible support options during this time. They have opened a special hotline—1-800-723-4016—that customers can call to discuss delaying payments and other flexible financing options. 

Ford is also encouraging drivers to reach out to their local Ford dealership to discuss their options for seeking financial support from Ford during this time. If you are a Ford driver located in the Greater Los Angeles County Area, give Colley Ford a call today. Colley Ford is a top-rated, family-owned official Ford dealership that is based in the city of Glendora and is committed to upholding Ford Motor Company’s high standards for providing support to Ford drivers during this crisis and beyond.