Ford adds Alexa and it’s one of the most exciting recent developments from Ford. Voice assistant technology has become an integral part of many peoples’ daily lives. You can use Alexa on a wide variety of devices, including Alexa-capable home devices such as smart thermostats. You can also access voice assistant technology on your smartphone, although the assistance might not come from Alexa depending on the type of smartphone you have. 

Ford’s thought process behind equipping the newest vehicles in their lineup with the voice assistant centers around the fact that many people depend on voice assistant technology in their daily lives. Ford was inspired by the wide variety of voice assistant-equipped devices available on the market and decided that if you can access Alexa through the thermostat in your home, voice assistant technology should also be available in the car you drive. 

Voice assistant tech is especially helpful in vehicles because it allows drivers to ask questions and issue commands using only their voice. This minimizes distracted driving and helps drivers keep their eyes on the road while still accessing the information or entertainment they want or need while on the road.

Ford Adds Alexa

Ford Adds Alexa

Many Ford drivers are eager for Alexa to be introduced to the models in Ford’s vehicle lineup. If you drive a Ford vehicle or are considering making one of Ford’s newest models your next vehicle, keep reading to learn 3 things you should know about Ford’s introduction of Alexa voice assistant technology to the newest vehicles in their lineup. 

  1. It’s Not Available Yet 

Currently, there are no Alexa-equipped Ford vehicles available on the mainstream auto market. Ford is expected to begin introducing the assistant into their vehicle lineup in the fall. 

It is expected that more than 700,000 Ford vehicles in North America will become equipped with voice assistant technology by the end of 2021, with millions more Ford vehicles becoming compatible within the next few years.

  1. It Will Be an Over-the-Air Update 

Ford Power-Up is Ford’s new over-the-air software update system. Ford vehicles that are equipped with Ford Power-Up are able to receive automatic software updates that can impact 80 different vehicle modules to fix tech glitches and enhance and add to your vehicle’s software in order to improve your overall driving experience. 

Currently, the only two vehicles in Ford’s lineup that are equipped with Ford Power-Up are the all-new, all-electric Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang Mach-E models. However, Ford plans to release many more Power-Up-equipped models in the very near future. 

The addition of the Amazon assistant to Ford vehicles will come as an over-the-air update through Ford Power-Up—which means you won’t have to take your new Ford vehicle into the dealership for service when Alexa becomes available. Alexa will add itself to your vehicle’s technology automatically. 

  1. It Connects Your Car to Your Smartphone 

Alexa will create a connection between your Ford vehicle and your smartphone. Ford drivers will be able to use Alexa on their smartphones to stay up-to-date on important information about their vehicle—such as its current mileage or how much battery charge it has left at any given time. 

If you drive an Alexa-equipped Ford vehicle, you will also be able to use Alexa on your smartphone to do things like turn your car on and control your vehicle’s climate remotely. 

  1. It Can Control Your Smart Home Devices 

With the introduction of Alexa to all-new Ford vehicles, Ford drivers will be able to control many of the smart devices in their homes using the Alexa voice assistant technology in their vehicles. 

Ford drivers can use the assistant in their vehicle to connect to their other Alexa-compatible devices—including smart thermostats, smart lights, smart garage door openers, etc.—and issue commands remotely while on the road.

  1. It Doesn’t Require a Premium Package 

The tech will be introduced to all-new Ford vehicles as a standard feature. It does not require the purchase of a certain trim level or a premium package. Even base-model vehicles will come equipped with the capability. 

That being said, Ford will offer drivers three free years of Alexa voice assistant technology. After that three-year period, there will be additional fees for Ford drivers to continue using Alexa in their vehicles—the amounts of these fees have not yet been officially disclosed by Ford.