FordPass Rewards Tiers

FordPass Rewards is Ford’s customer loyalty program that has been in effect since 2016 and has more than 8.5 million active members throughout the United States. This loyalty program allows members to get access to exclusive benefits that are unavailable to other Ford drivers who are not a part of FordPass Rewards.

FordPass is rolling out new features for 2021. One of the most notable of these new features is the addition of Ford Pickup & Delivery services to FordPass Rewards. A new tier system is also being introduced to the loyalty program, and members will be assigned to different tiers based on their level of engagement with Ford since the beginning of 2021. Keep reading to learn more about this new tier system and how it affects the FordPass Rewards memberships of millions of members nationwide.

What is Ford Pickup & Delivery?

Ford Pickup & Delivery is a service that is fairly new to Ford—the automaker began offering this service near the beginning of the pandemic when lockdowns were in effect and many Ford drivers were hesitant to venture away from the safety of their homes to get their car serviced at their local Ford dealership.

In response to this problem, Ford introduced Ford Pickup & Delivery as an option for their loyal customers. Ford Pickup & Delivery services allow drivers to get their Ford vehicle serviced at their local Ford dealership without leaving their home. Through Ford Pickup & Delivery, Ford drivers can have their vehicle picked up from their home, serviced at a local participating Ford dealership, and dropped back off in their driveway when the service is complete.

Since they began offering Ford Pickup & Delivery services in March 2020, Ford has serviced more than 100,000 Ford vehicles through Ford Pickup & Delivery. With the

Introduction of their new tier system, Ford is also introducing Ford Pickup & Delivery as a part of FordPass Rewards. Keep reading to learn more about the availability of this service for FordPass Rewards members.

 Points vs. Milestones

Since the FordPass Rewards loyalty program first launched, FordPass Rewards members have been able to earn points for doing anything from buying a new vehicle to getting a Ford vehicle serviced at an official Ford dealership’s service center. For example, you can earn 42,000 points for purchasing a new gas-powered vehicle from Ford.

These points can then be redeemed for Ford maintenance services or Ford vehicle accessories and can even be redeemed for a discount on the purchase of a new or new-to-you Ford vehicle.

Milestones are a new addition to the FordPass Rewards program. They are accumulated similarly to how points are accumulated. FordPass Rewards members can earn milestones by purchasing a new or used Ford vehicle, getting their Ford serviced at an official Ford dealership service center, becoming an active cardholder of the FordPass Rewards Visa credit card, etc.

However, milestones differ from points in that they cannot be redeemed for anything. Instead, milestones are accumulated to achieve status only. FordPass Rewards members with more milestones are assigned to higher tiers and are given access to more benefits and rewards than members with fewer milestones.

How are Members Assigned to Tiers?

FordPass Rewards

FordPass Rewards

Members are assigned to tiers based on the number of milestones they have. Because the FordPass Rewards tier system is new, members are only assigned to tiers based on qualifying milestones they have earned since January 2021.

If members have earned 120 or more milestones since January 2021, they will be placed into the Silver tier of FordPass Rewards. Members who have earned 200 or more milestones since the beginning of 2021 will be assigned to the Blue tier.

All other FordPass Rewards members who have earned fewer than 120 milestones since January 2021 will be automatically assigned to the Bronze tier and will be given the opportunity to advance to a higher tier by earning milestones throughout the rest of 2021.

Rewards Tiers Benefits

The three tiers in the FordPass Rewards program—base-level Bronze, mid-tier Silver, and top-tier Blue—all offer different levels of benefits for their members. Keep reading to learn more about what you’ll get if you are a member of any of the three all-new FordPass Rewards tiers.

  • Bronze: Bronze FordPass Rewards members earn 10 points per dollar that they spend on Ford Service. They also get exclusive discounts and offers from Ford’s partners—which include Costco, TaskRabbit, and more.
  • Silver: Silver FordPass Rewards members get everything that Bronze members get, plus one complimentary Ford Pickup & Delivery service per year and an extra 5% bonus on all points earned.
  • Blue: Blue FordPass Rewards members get exclusive discounts and offers from Ford’s partners, two complimentary Ford Pickup & Delivery services per year, and an additional 10% bonus on all points earned.