The Ford Bronco is shipping now! Ford has started shipping its Bronco 2021 SUV-off roader after a year of its exciting debut. There are two versions of the 2021 Ford Bronco; the 2-door version and the 4-door version. The off-roaders are the first reintroduction of Bronco after they discontinued their production in 1996, after three decades of operation. There is also another fantastic addition to the Bronco family, the Bronco Sport, whose deliveries started in late 2020, but most Bronco lovers are waiting for the deliveries of the SUV version.
The 2021 Bronco SUV-off roader has several fantastic features, including:

  • Both two versions have removable doors and roofs
  • There are more than two hundred Ford accessories to choose from
  • The 2021 Bronco SUV has a strong base engine
  • It comes fully equipped with all the off-road tools
  • You can comfortably ride on it with its top-down
  • Advanced safety features

If you have to compare the 2021 Bronco SUV with other SUV models, you need to look at its doors and roof. The doors of the Bronco SUV are frameless, aluminum and are slightly heavier since their rear weighs 43 pounds and the front doors weigh 54. However, though they’re heavier, they have a smaller handler making these doors easy to operate. Actually, you can easily unbolt the 2021 SUV doors yourself. So the process isn’t that complicated. And to make the SUV more interesting to have, the doors for both the 2-door and 4-door versions can perfectly fit the cargo area since they are frameless. This means that you can tag them along with you on the trail after you remove your SUV’s doors.

Also, removing the roof and returning it won’t take that much time, and you only need simple tools to do it. The 2021 Bronco SUV will have a soft cloth top. Driving the SUV with the top removed, the back-seat passengers will feel airier inside since its cross-base has been moved to the roll cage. One thing worth noting about the 4-door version of the 2021 Bronco SUV is that it can comfortably fit your family, making it more of an adventurous family car.

The long wait

After its debut, there was high traffic witnessed at its reservation site. It was too much to take, which lead to the site crashing. But before it crashed, Ford confirmed that they had received 190,000 reservations for both the 2-door and the 4-door SUV versions of Bronco. They must first fulfill these preorders before taking any more orders from their customers. It’s most likely that Ford will be ready to receive other new orders in 2022.

Ford Bronco is now shipping

Ford Bronco shipping now

But for the preorders, their deliveries are expected to happen in summer, after a whole year. The delays came about because of the coronavirus pandemic, which officials handled excellently. They even sent apology letters to the customers waiting for their deliveries explaining why the delays happen. On top of the apology letters, Ford also offered them compensation for the long wait. Depending on their specific orders, these customers will receive several perks. For instance, if you’re facing a roof-related delay, you get 200,000 reward points, equivalent to 1000 dollars. You can redeem these points to service your car or buy its accessories. The officials say that the compensation is to thank their patient customers since the wait will take a little longer. However, most of them will have to wait until 2022 for their orders to become complete. This is because the 2021 model year is really short, and the orders are overwhelming.

Back to the 190,000 preorders, the Ford officials say that these orders reveal that most people prefer Bronco’s higher-end options since most of them are for the higher trim levels. Therefore, they are actively evaluating other ways to expand their production at the Michigan Assembly Plant to meet all the demands of this iconic vehicle. Ford also has some good news for those customers who will have to wait until 2022. They should expect other exciting rooftop options, various exterior paint colors, and several other new features.

Reservation Process

  • Choose your 2021 Ford Bronco SUV, create your Ford account, then deposit 100 dollars to your preferred dealer from the reservation site based on your zip code. This amount is refundable.
  • Your dealer will then tell you the appropriate time to convert your reservation to an order. After that, they will reach out to help you place your order, verify its pricing, then do the rest of the configuration process until you receive your Bronco.
  • Later on, since there have been delays, customers will have to wait for their dealers to tell them the right delivery date of their Bronco SUVs.

Discover a whole different world with Bronco SUV waiting for you out there. The new Bronco, both the 2-door and the 4-door versions, is relentlessly tough and durable, and it will carry all your outdoor adventures to anywhere you wish it. To learn more about how to get your new Bronco, or when your Bronco shipping is scheduled, contact us today.

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