Ford Ranger Raptor is not a common type of car in its class. It features no camouflage save unless some small tape in the rear and front side which cover the Ford badge. However, the fans of Ranger would immediately notice that the Raptor is different from other cars in the same type. Ranger Raptor features beefy tires, bulging fenders, higher ride height, and the list goes on.
Ford Ranger Raptor may only available in the overseas market. The car uses four-cylinder diesel as the engine booster. This gas engine combination seems unusual for Europe or Asian-market vehicles. The Ford Ranger Raptor has been so popular lately, but is it actually worth the hype?

Ford Ranger Raptor Looks

Ford Ranger Raptor is bigger and wider, period. It is not just a design trick. The dimension of the car is increased several millimeters to give it better stability and ground clearance. The wider and bigger look of Raptor makes it appears more aggressive from any angles. The big body is complemented with pumped-out rear and front mudguards, oversized tires, and wheel flares. It also includes long-travel suspension for the sake of comfort.

On the inside, the sport steering wheel features paddle shifter. For greater lateral support, Ranger Raptor also includes bolstered front seats with leather accents and contrasting blue trim. Plus, you can see all the Raptor logo all over the car.

How does it feel to drive Ford Ranger Raptor?

Ford has perfectly developed the best riding in the segment 4×4 ute which also capable of taking the harshest terrains. The engineering changes such as FOX shock absorbent inclusion result in a smoother ride and ability to handle high-speed jumps. The shock absorbent is well calibrated for both city and countryside drive. The continuous power of Raptor ranger is provided by 2.0 Litre Bi-turbo engine and 10-speed of an automatic gearbox.
The Ranger Raptor suddenly becomes a different vehicle when you change neutral mode to sports mode. Driving the vehicle will feel a bit responsive, sharper, and thus, it feels more powerful. You can change the mode using the paddle shifters. Other features that bring Ranger Raptor to another level is the lane-keep assistance and also speed recognition which keeps the car on the track and your license safe in the pocket.
The engine of the vehicle works smoothly and get even better when manually drove using the paddle shifters. In the work-truck mode, the Raptor works great will full load with almost 758kg payload limit.
Features for you
• Space practicality – the Ranger Raptor cabin is more or less can take up to 758kg or more of loads. The cabin size is quite similar to its semi-truck vehicles. However, Ranger Raptor cabin comes with leather trim, Ford sync 3, and dual climate control. The back seats have plenty of legroom for passengers. The sport seats are comfortable for the passengers on longer trips. While the back part includes a tray to carry cargo. The cabin cargo can take uploads up to 758 kg and able to tow up to 2,500 kg of loads. It is not a small number but it is important to calculate how much of loads the car needs to carry on a daily basis.
• Engine key stats and transmission – Raptor features EcoBlue 2.0-Litre of twin-turbo with four-cylinder diesel. This type of engine has met the Euro-5 admission standard as it avoids the need for AdBlue.

Safety Equipment

The Ranger Raptor feature loads of five-star Ranger-class safety technology. This includes front seat and side airbags for passengers. The airbags features in this vehicle are the full-length side-curtain types. In addition, the Raptor also includes headrest and lap-sash belts for all passengers. For child’s safety, The Raptor features ISOFIX child seat on the outer read of the seating.
Other safety features include lane departure warning, hill start, and descent control, lane keep assist, trailer sway control, rear parking sensors, rear mirror camera, and so on.


It is obvious that Ford Ranger Raptor is a super fun car to ride. It is actually the best car in its class. The car comes with Ford’s five years unlimited kilometer warranty. Even though Ranger Raptor is not everyone’s cup of tea because of the price, but having one will not disappoint you in any factors. The car is great in any type of terrains, from city roads to the harshest terrain. The back cabin can take up to 758kg of loads if you are going to use the Raptor for work.
The raptor is a super package for both weekend escape and weekday labor. It offers great comfort and so powerful even for a long trip. You can also do jump with this car without modifying because it has a good off-road ability. In general, Ranger Raptor is the right vehicle if you want a car with tough looks.