Get a Ford F-150 EV in Glendora

With skyrocketing fuel prices and the increasing concerns for climate conservation consumers are constantly switching to electric vehicles. Automakers on the other hand are looking to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel. Buying an electric vehicle right now seems like the sane choice and an electric van may just be the go to vehicle.

The availability of an instantaneous output and low-torque offered by electric vehicles are quite the perfect combination either on or off road. But until now automakers have struggled with the creation of electric trucks due to slow battery performance and energy storage. Enter the ford f 150 lightning electric truck an electric truck that has taken the American market by storm and is easily considered the best electric vehicle of recent times.

The ford F-150

The F-150 has been one of the best selling trucks in the US for more than 3 decades. The 2022 ford F-150 has been designed to be the perfect hybrid powertrain vehicle. With a combination of both handy and new tech features the trucks is one of the most competitive in the industry. it has excellent hauling an towing capabilities as well as a variety of powertrain lineups that will ensure that you are prepared for everything. With spacious interiors the vehicle is a combination of both luxury and performance. What’s is even more interesting about the truck is that ford has introduced an electric version of it, the ford f 150 ev.

The f-150 lightning electric truck

You can’t talk about electric trucks without the F-150. The truck is powered with two electric motors making it a four wheel drive. The truck has a horsepower of 452 but with under the extended range mode the horsepower can rise to as high as 580. With either modes the truck maintains and impressive 775 pound-feet torque. The acceleration is also impressive with 4s from 0-60 mph. The truck resembles and manners the traditional F-150 and is slightly better in handling and stability due to the low center of gravity that reduce the risk of a body roll.

Towing capacity

The towing capacity of the trucks is at 10000 pounds with the extended range option under the standard range option the truck has a towing capacity of 7700 pounds. The payload capacity is however low in the extended range option at 1800 while the standard range option has a payload capacity of 2000.

Charging and battery life

With the standard 98.0 kWh battery the truck has a driving range of 230 miles per charge. With an upgraded battery of 131.0 kWh the driving range extends to 320 miles. Charging is supported by both 110 volts and 220 volts outage and the truck can also charge in standard fast charging stations. What is even more interesting about the battery and the charge of the truck is that ford has design the truck to act as a backup generator. The f-150 lightning is capable of supplying 3 days of charge for an average household with a full charge.

Real-World MPGe

The truck has 78 MPGe city and a 68 mPGE highway for the extended range while the standard range has 76 Mpge city and 61 MPGe highway. Both these are impressive numbers for an electric vehicle and ford has managed to do it without sacrificing the other performance capabilities

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The interior of the truck is spacious and comfortable. It is also created with ergonomics in mind making it an efficient to use, both for the driver and the passengers. The truck has a normal sized backseat and is spacious for the drivers. The seats are made of leather and the cabin is fully enclosed. The instrument panel is also well designed with buttons that resemble a traditional analog gauges to give a familiar feel while the modular cluster that shows information on the electric pickup truck. The 2022 ford f 150 ev is one of the best trucks in the market.

Where to get the Ford F-150 EV in Glendora

There are a few options here. The first is to go to your local dealership and buy one there. The second is to go to a private seller and buy one from them. The third option is to order one online and have it shipped to you. Always compare prices to make sure that you get the best deal. You may also want to check the specifications of your truck from the official website to make sure that what your busying is what you are getting. There are many dealerships that will offer Ford trucks in Glendora so always make ensure you are getting your services from the best.

Bottom Line

The F-150 has been selling well since 1982 and with the newer models selling even better the popularity of the truck continues to grow. The truck is both comfortable and spacious to be on the road and definitely an investment worth making. The electric version of the truck is a timely addition and with its features, performance, range, and design it can easily be considered one of the best trucks in its category.