Mustang Stampede Is On the Way

The Mustang Stampede is on its way and you will be able to be part of it when it arrives on 14TH September, coinciding with the pony car’s official launch of the 7th generation at the North American International Auto Show. Organizers claim that the North American International Auto Show this year will be an outdoor-indoor event that will enable larger product previews than the previous ones.

The Mustang launch will allow fans to be invited to watch it in person. Fans who own Mustangs will be allowed to join a convoy to be part of the Stampede, along the riverfront of Detroit from the headquarters of Ford World to Huntington Place Convention Center.

The executive director of Detroit Auto Show, Rod Alberts said that when coming up with the idea of an outdoor-indoor Auto Show, the Mustang was what they believed and hoped was possible. He added that they are proud supporters of Ford for the iconic milestone as they celebrate the future and culture of Mustang and the international mobility industry in Detroit.

Ahead of the Mustang Stampede Edition, Ford is sharing its plans to celebrate the big day. It partnered with the yearly Drive Home and the Automotive Trust of America for a road trip with vintage cars which begins at the LeMay car museum in Washington and proceeds to end in Detroit, at the start of the North American International Auto Show. The event will have all six generations of the Mustang making the journey however, the models that will lead have not been specified.

Ford is inviting owners of Mustang to the long-distance drive as well as fans to the stampede on the Mustang’s next-gen launch. The Stampede will start in Dearborn, MI, the global headquarters of Ford and the Blue Oval will lead its fans to the Downtown Hart Plaza for Detroit for the show. The entire launch event will be live streamed by Ford for those who will not be able to attend.

The Mustang Stampede 2023 Rumors

A lot of rumors have been spreading in the past weeks, with some self-proclaimed experts predicting that there could be the first-ever all-electric make of the classic Mustang coupe. However, that is not in their cards at the moment as they will have to wait until after around five years to see it go all-electric according to sources at

Ford will rather stick to its timeless muscle currently, such as the upgraded V-8 configurations. With that being said, the manufacturer has already established that a conventional blend will be a part of the mix for the Mustang of the next generation.

Some Ford insiders challenge sticking with the internal combustion technology being a winning formula. At the end of the day, Dodge will be leaving the familiar Charger and Challenger models when the 2023 model year is coming to an end, to move to a replacement of all-electric models in 2024 attributed to the concept of Charger Daytona SRT, it revealed earlier in the week.

The Ford Mustang Codename

The new Mustang is known by the codename S650. It is not a rehash of the previous pony car but rather a hybrid. The electric-gas drivetrain can be tuned to provide a heavy power dose instead of just concentrating on the economy fuel. One of the questions we are hoping Ford will answer during the auto show event is the number of variants that are expected to be available.

You will be expected to see the 2.3-4 liter inline to stay at the lower edge, which will take approximately 320 hp for the model year of 2023. What is more doubtful is if the 760 hp GT500 will stay in the mix and if it will, the kind of package that will be found under the hood.

Ford has taken steps beyond question to reinforce the S650 platform to enhance the handling of the 7th generation of Mustang, one of the few weaknesses of the previous car. To keep up with the modern trends, the coupe is expected to be loaded up with advanced digital technology such as the up-to-date version of the infotainment system of Ford’s Sync5.

The Mustang is about to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in the April of 2023, making it a big year for Ford. The manufacturer also aims to debut a new race car, Mustang GT3 that will launch in January in Daytona at the Rolex 24.

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