Ford power-up is a series of new technological enhancements that the motor company is implementing into their trucks for ease of access and enhanced user functionality. They are on the cusp of something great with making their vehicles safer and more convenient to utilize by drivers. It is a concept that stretches across multiple facets of the vehicle and gives you more options to effectively elevate the driving experience and bring it into the future! They are improving upon multiple aspects of their trucks and this increases their value and prestige in the competitive industry. Technology is being integrated more with cars and the Ford Power Up program has different features that bring their cars to a whole new level! Here we will list what you should look out for in 2021 and expound upon them.

Advanced Alexa Features

Who doesn’t know Alexa the friendly AI that can answer any question on the planet? Ford has recognized the vast usefulness of this technology which results in a better driver experience. You can now command your car to turn on by itself with Alexa, make important calls that feed straight to the speakers increasing safety, find gas, or even defrost your car without lifting a finger! Ford is integrating this technology into over 700,000 of their models by the end of the year and for good reason. People will reap the benefits of having a personal driving assistant who can accomplish many tasks while on the road or simply keep you entertained. The possibilities are endless and drivers can expect it to be commonplace eventually. You can even have Alexa control smart devices from your car that are at home and manage your technology network more efficiently. Amazon and Ford plan to work together to provide a smooth experience for customers overall.

Ford Power Up

Ford Power Up

BlueCruise option

Blue cruise is another aspect of the power-up plan that allows your vehicle to drive itself with the F-150 and Mach-E models. The hands-free highway driving technology is highly innovative and allows you to enjoy other activities while safely traveling across long distances. This sounds like something out of a science fiction movie and definitely elevates the concept of cruise control to the next level of efficiency. Imagine driving for hours without touching the wheel during long business trips or family excursions. This is incredibly convenient for drivers and is being integrated as we speak with remarkable efficiency. Did you have a tough day at work commuting far away? Well just let the car do the work and take you to the proper destination, it’s that easy. This is an amazing integrated option that Ford is showing great pride in as they traverse the market further with great efficiency and reliability in cruise control options. Intelligent cruise control is definitely the future of travel!

Ford Sketch

For is also recognizing that it’s not just about efficiency but also entertainment which is why they are offering a new option for the widescreen display where users can sketch or play games conveniently. This is perfect for long car rides that require extra distraction to make it go quicker. It’s excellent for families who need something to do and you can even access a convenient calculator for business purposes among other useful tools. This is a useful feature that will definitely make long car rides more bearable overall. There is no denying the power of entertainment in any vehicle to help pass the time, and Ford has recognized this by allowing for even the driver to take part in games with the smart cruise control option mentioned earlier. It’s safe and effective while keeping everyone safe and entertained. The driver will be psychologically relieved with the combination of these features for a much more relaxed journey on the open road.

Ford power-up enhancements

This is where we get into something truly special that Ford is integrating among their incredible options and that’s the power-up enhancement. It literally can diagnose and fix problems if you have unsuspected issues. This means that you will not have to call a mechanic to address the issue. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to service your vehicle it just reduces the frequency of visits. When you do take it in, there is more efficient data they can work with to get your car fixed faster for your convenience. It can be serviced wirelessly though to address any malfunctions occurring and can be fixed through this method which is truly remarkable. It saves you time, money, and resources on visits as well as Ford. This is known as over the air fix and has saved them over 20 million dollars so far through virtual diagnostic services that were never thought possible!